When the souls are ready, the things are too

Sergio & Nhoemi's Wedding

October, 7th 2023


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to watch the event live!

Hi there!! If you ended up on this website it is just because we love you and you have been invited to our wedding. If you still dont't know someone of us or both, enjoy this short videopresentation... See you later!

Something about us

So what? Did you enjoy the video? We Hope so! And now that you know us a bit more, let's meet up on this coming 7 of october at the Sant'Agata church in Caltanissetta, at 15.30. We Will be honoured to have you! See you soon!


The Church (Sant'Agata al Collegio)

The Villa (Villa Do' Luisa)



Nhoemi's mom, Sergio's #1 fan


Great actor, colleague, friend and...witness


"Crying all day when she was a child...will she do the same on october 7th?"


Born with a silver spoon...and a tie!!!

To the aisle


After Nhoemi and Dalila one sole passion...

Lucilla, Carla and Patrzia

Three sisters for one aisle!!! Will they release the groom?? We hope so! ;)